Foods that help you sleep

Foods that help you sleep

Nutrition clearly affects the way we sleep, but the opposite is also true: people who sleep well find it easier to stay in shape. Rest and nutrition, therefore, work closely together in ensuring body health.

The way we structure our diet is very important: a diet rich in plant fibers prolongs our deeper sleep state; eating foods that contain lots of sugar, instead, has been linked to poor uality sleep and to waking up several times during the night. In other words, the more balanced our diet is, the better we’ll sleep at night.

Foods we ought to avoid

Besides well-known coffee, alcohol too is no friend of sleep, as while it is true that it shortens the time it takes for a person to fall asleep, it also negatively affects sleep quality. At night, we should also avoid consuming chocolate, cocoa, energy drinks, and tea, because these are strong stimulants that tend to keep a person awake.

Other foods that have a bad reputation in this respect include spices and ingredients that are rich in sodium (curry, pepper, paprika, canned foods, potato chips, chicken stock), seasoned cheeses, and cold cuts or smoked meats.

What should a person eat for dinner?

There are several foods that help to relax the body: these include rice, pasta, and barley, several types of vegetables (lettuce, red radicchio, pumpkin, cauliflower), and fruits (apricots, bananas, cherries, kiwi, peaches, walnuts, almonds). The list also includes milk and some of its derivatives (especially yogurt and lean cheeses), oats, and herbal teas.

In general, for a person to sleep well, it is a good idea to keep a few tips in mind, like avoiding meals that are high in calories, since fatty foods like meats and cold cuts slow down a person’s digestion and upset our sleep. It’s a probably a good idea, instead, to opt for complex carbohydrates together with fresh vegetables.

These are just some useful tips for a dinner that will improve your sleep quality, and why not on a Magniflex mattress? Just remember not to eat in bed if you can!

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