Food and relax

Food and relax

Stuffing up before going to sleep is not appropriate, even if – is some cases – it helps catching sleep. No caffeine, mussels or alcohol, but… what to do to foster sleep and grant the body some healthy relaxation?

No-fear food
The supporters of the theories of vegetarianism maintain that  meat and fish are rich in toxins because the animals die violently and their fear, tensions and instincts, tend to “intoxicate” the body of those who feed on them.  Even though not everybody agrees with the principles of vegetarian nutrition, eating cereals, fruit, vegetables and vegetal proteins is in any case a good way to lower the percentage of saturated fat and give the body a break, allowing us better rest.

The food who foster calmness
Quality and quantity of vitamins, minerals and trace elements assimilated with food is at the basis of muscular relaxation. This is why a diet that includes  oat, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin, apples, apricots, bananas and a taste of basil becomes a precious ally to relax the body. Oat – in particular – is ideal for those who find it difficult to fall asleep; it contains melatonin (it helps regularize the wake/sleep cycle) and contributes in raising the level of tryptophan and serotonin.

The anti-depressive food
Eating the right food can trigger good mood. Let us be clear: if our life’s issues remain the same, a meal will not eliminate our thoughts, but what if the wrong food increased the agitation? Cacao is the anti-depressive par excellence because of its effects on the production of serotonin, but also spinach (folic acid is important for the synthesis of the neurotransmitters), yogurt, corn and tofu (rich in calcium, which is useful for hormonal balance), vegetables (thy contain selenium, which fight oxidizing stress) and dried fruit (it produces magnesium and omega-3 acids) may contribute to stabilize the mood, preparing the organism to relaxation.

The sleep-inducing food
Lettuce, valerian, figs, pineapple, potatoes, parsley and bananas have sedative effects and are ideal to conciliate sleep.  Also a cup of herbal tea (perhaps based on passion flower) or hot milk are optimum.

Food to be avoided
For good relax, you should avoid – mainly in the evening – coffee, tea, cola-based drinks, sausages and seasoned cheese, which have a stimulating effect and prevent relaxation. Embargo also for alcohol and tobacco.

The ground rules
Besides choosing what food to eat to foster rest, some rules should be followed to improve your overall well-being:

  • Eat moderately
  • Chew well
  • Drink abundant water
  • Do not lay down immediately after eating
  • Avoid any food that is too complex or too rich in fat


When you pass from the dining room to your bedroom, even in case of an excessive dinner, you will discover the difference between a reliable mattress and a poor one…

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