Five unusual places for an overnight stay in Tuscany

Five unusual places for an overnight stay in Tuscany

Did you know there are some rather unique places where to spend the night in Tuscany? Between tents and bubble rooms, here are 5 examples of holiday resorts you wouldn’t expect to find!

Glamping, i.e., glamor + camping

If you love camping, you probably don’t have a problem sleeping in tents. If you’ve never tried it before though and would like to start with a softer version, glamping is the perfect solution for you. This “luxury camping” experience combines contact with nature with the comforts and amenities of your standard holiday, all of which from inside a tent! You can enjoy the glamping experience at Tenuta Poggio Rosso in Populonia, near Livorno.

Bubbles under the stars

Garfagnana, in the hamlet of Camporgiano, is home to the first bubble village in Italy, with full-scale suites built inside spherical constructions! The unique thing about these rooms is the bubble’s transparency, which allows guests to gaze at the star-filled sky at night just before falling asleep.

A nest in the trees

Have you ever wanted to build a small house on a tree? In the Tuscan Versilia, there’s one waiting for you, “I Lecci” located on the outskirts of Montemagno, in Camaiore. Here you can admire the view of the hills around Lucca immersed in the peacefully quiet nature, enjoying the magical atmosphere that only a house in the trees can give.

Sleeping in…a vehicle?

Why yes, in Tuscany that too, is possible. Simply head to Glamping Orlando, in the Chianti region near Arezzo, and choose your favorite vehicle between the Shasta trailer, the Airstream and the US-style school bus available. The interior of these vehicles has been entirely redesigned to include a bathroom, kitchen corner, and a bed, besides a whole list of other comforts.

Nothing beats lying down on your bed after a busy day, but these accommodation facilities are still worth the visit and offer an experience you won’t want to miss!

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