Exercise as a remedy for insomnia: a soothing medicine

Exercise as a remedy for insomnia: a soothing medicine

12 million Italians suffer from sleep problems, while 31% of Americans sleep less than 6 hours per night. Poland has the same percentage, according to the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Insomnia has become a social problem. In Europe, Italy and Denmark are the countries in which people sleep better, but as mentioned, even in these countries the problem is quite severe.

According to an Australian study, since 1905 people worldwide have been sleeping less and less every year.

It is estimated that sleep problems account for a loss of 8 working days per year for each person who suffers from them, but the most disturbing effects involve our health: fatigue, memory loss, cardiovascular problems, distraction, mood disorders… in other words, a full-blown collective disaster.


How can we fight insomnia?

If sleeping pills, various medications or listening to your psychiatrist are things that do not work for you, you might want to try working out. But before putting on your sweatpants and sneakers, you should probably consult your doctor.


Exercise as a remedy for insomnia

Practicing sports or simply working out frees your mind, relieves body stress, triggers chemical reactions and enzymes that release endorphins (the “good-mood hormones”) and helps carry oxygen to the limbs and brain.

A study by Stanford University on chronic insomniacs has shown significant progress in the duration and quality of sleep of people who regularly work out.


The workouts that best help sleep

Aerobic activities are the best choice if you want to achieve results and sleep better, the ones that leave you “gasping for air”, and should be practiced at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. Only one precaution: do not practice sports at night, right before bed, and especially competitive sports.

Working out will translate into better sleep and going to bed in a more relaxed state.


But even after the greatest workout, sleeping on a poor-quality mattress will still result in poor sleep.  On the other hand, if your weary limbs are welcomed by a mattress designed for athletes, you will wake up more energetic and have relaxed muscles. Magniflex has specifically designed a mattress for athletes that stretches and decompresses your spine.

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