Ease Your Mind and Body with Nature

Ease Your Mind and Body with Nature

Metropolitan cities are great and offer countless opportunities for entertainment, but also involve unpleasant factors like smog, traffic, stress, and frenzy to name a few. A statistic not many are aware of is that too much urbanization could induce a negative and obsessive mind-set, due absence of benefits from nature and greenery.

The mind is powerful, but how could we possibly rid ourselves of negative thoughts?

A simple walk through the countryside is great for easing the mind. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America revealed that a nice walk in the woods protects us from toxic thoughts and improves the overall health of our heart.

After walking in a park for 90 minutes, volunteers who participated in the experiment were analysed and compared to volunteers who walked for the same amount of time in the streets of a densely, urbanized city. The results? The “green” strollers were less prone to negative thinking and brain scans later confirmed an improvement in their overall mood. In short, staying in contact with nature gives that calm and that inner sense of wellbeing we so badly need.

Even in the chaos of busy cities you can find an oasis of peace and nature. How? For instance, by eliminating chemically-treated materials from your home, eating organic and raw foods, having a reverence for silence, turning off the lights at night and taking good care of your bedroom:

With that said and spring officially here, why not plan a walk in the woods, maybe in Tuscany?

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