Dreaming about Santa Claus

Dreaming about Santa Claus

Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) is about to set-out on an incredible journey around the globe donating toys, treats and a bit of happiness to everyone.

If many dream about Christmas, there are those who, once they fall asleep, actually find themselves dreaming about Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and all the traditions that are typical of one of the most cherished holidays in the world. Well then, let’s try to understand what it means to dream of Christmas…


Christmas in dreams

Christmas symbolically refers to birth, or more accurately, rebirth. Dreaming about Christmas can therefore hint that we desire to change some aspects of our lives, as though we wanted to be born again with a new identity.
For all of those who have spent their childhood with their family, dreaming about Christmas may suggest the need to feel accepted by others, to be part of a group, or to feel protected and loved.


Dreaming about Santa Claus

If Santa Claus shows up in our dreams, it means that we are struggling with a desire to return to childhood, a period of our lives that was often joyful and free of the stress that is common in adult life. Watching Santa Claus fly around in our dreams, defying the laws of physics with a smile on his face, symbolizes a deep need for imagination or the desire to break free from reality. Santa Claus, with his white beard, is the archetype of wisdom: anyone who focuses on this trait while dreaming about Santa Claus betrays the need to be less impulsive.
More often than not, dreaming about Santa Claus can point to the need for forgiveness, whether being forgiven by, or forgiving others.


Dreaming of having sex with Santa Claus

Dreaming of having sex with Santa Claus may indicate the need for a more mature partner. In dreams, symbolism is often inverted, so dreaming of having sex with Santa Claus could actually represent ourselves. Therefore, a dream like this could be an unconscious warning to be less reckless when we’re in the “heat” of a night of passion, as if to say: “It’s time to get your act together!”


Dreaming about a mean Santa Claus

If you dream about a mean and angry Santa Claus, you’re recreating a childhood trauma that involved your parents or some other bad experience that happened around Christmas time. Another interpretation suggests that this type of dream is a warning bell that suggests we have lost our imagination, poetic sense, the joy of anticipation and the ability to be surprised.


Dreaming of Santa Claus with a dark outfit

If Santa Claus is wearing a black or dark suit instead of red, the dream is warning us about a possible lack of affection that we may have suffered in our childhood years. The same dream can also mean that we are going through a phase of feeling lonely with negative hopes for the future.


Dreaming about a Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the physical, tangible representation of a collective effort made by the whole family. For this reason, dreaming of a Christmas tree often invokes a sense of harmony in the family and the “inner child”.


Dreaming of a decked-out Christmas tree

The tree is a symbol of strength, life and stability (it rises up to the sky but is rooted firmly in the ground).  When the tree is decorated, it means that you have a life full of excitement and satisfaction. The gifts that the unconscious recognizes as part of our lives vary depending on the color of the decorations. Red stands for heat, purple stands for spiritual wealth, green stands for optimism (depending on the context can also represent envy), blue for calm and intelligence, and yellow for the positivity of relationships.


Dreaming of a bare Christmas tree

When the Christmas tree has no decorations, the dream indicates that you have a pessimistic view on life and that your family is not there for you as you would wish they would be.


Dreaming of receiving gifts for Christmas

This type of dream is thought to represent good things to come.  You are ready for the new gifts that life is going to bring your way.


Christmas in dreams and their corresponding lottery numbers

Christmas: 25
Christmas tree: 49
Christmas gifts: 3
Christmas holidays: 82.

Legend has it that the secret of Santa Claus’ strength to travel all over the world and bring every child his or her own special gift is good rest.
Can you guess what kind of mattress he sleeps on? 😉

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