Decorating the bedroom ceiling

Decorating the bedroom ceiling

We live in an age where everything is customizable.  From the ringtones on our smartphone to our t-shirts, from the range of automobile accessories to the size of our road bikes, even our homes are no stranger to this trend. The “buen retiro” or “pleasant retreat” is becoming a place where we can express ourselves, but up until a few years ago it was something reserved only for people who were thought to be eccentric.

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful decorations for the bedroom ceiling.


The stars

Painting a blue sky, with shades that veer on light blue, behind a starry background is something that makes bedtime a remarkable experience. It provides a sense of wellbeing, that makes us connect with our spiritual side and almost elevates us toward the divine. If the stars also glow in the dark, well then, sleep truly becomes a mystical experience.

After all, stars are in tune with the night!


Textured ceiling

A bedroom ceiling decoration featuring 3D as the absolute star is certainly a fascinating sight. Plaster reliefs, geometric patterns, representations of chaos or even the classic “bureaus” offer the opportunity to design both classic and hypermodern style décors.

The important thing is to not overdo it because visual lightness is a key factor for peaceful rest!


Beaded ceiling

Suitable for rustic living spaces or mountain homes, beaded ceilings depend on the type of wood and pattern but can still be unexpectedly modern. If the wood is of good quality, thermal and acoustic insulation is guaranteed and the bedroom will immediately acquire an exceptional “warmth” that is definitely suitable for alcoves…

It is not recommended for smokers!


Ceiling with mirrors

A mirrored ceiling is a decoration that turns the bedroom into a cross between voyeurism and vanity. Ceilings in which you can mirror yourself are a decorative choice that grasps many people’s fantasies, but they risk ending up doing nothing else but admiring oneself in the mirror. In short, a bore.

The important thing is to solder the mirror well, because if the mirror breaks, there is the risk of serious injury and… several years of bad luck!


Metal ceiling

Home design magazines tell us that in the U.S., decorating the ceiling with metal tiles is especially in vogue nowadays. This is an architectural solution that can reconcile traditional taste (decorations are often in classic style) with modern taste (metal is a modern and functional material).

In these cases, there is a risk of making the bedroom overly oppressive.


Anamorphic frescoes and trompe l’oeil

If you have enough money, you can change the structure of your ceiling to create an anamorphic fresco, whereas if you are on a tight budget (but still have some cash to spend) you can opt for a trompe l’oeil.

These are architectural solutions that make the environment look very solemn and run the risk of looking a bit too serious… wouldn’t you agree?


In this age, as for everything that refers to beauty and style, you can always take a tour on Pinterest to find some ideas.

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