Cucumbers: a true ally on the dining table to help you sleep and for your beauty

Cucumbers: a true ally on the dining table to help you sleep and for your beauty


Insomnia is a disorder characterized by trouble falling asleep or by poor sleep quality and is often caused by an intense and highly active lifestyle, but one that also produces much stress and worrying.
It’s a rather common disorder and over time, it negatively affects a person’s quality of life, bringing dissatisfaction and impairing the ability to focus on people who suffer from it.


The cucumber, beauty’s ally

One of the most popular usages of cucumbers are often publicized in advertisements for cosmetic products: two slices laid flat on the eyes in an iconic atmosphere of relaxation. This practice is an old “grandmother’s remedy” and exploits the numerous beneficial properties of cucumbers. This vegetable, in fact, helps to purify the eye bulb and to “deflate” eye bags and their ugly marks. The two cucumber slices on the eyes act on multiple levels: first, they help deflate congested eyes and eye bags, and second, they hydrate the entire eye area, reducing and attenuating diffuse redness around the eyes and instantly restoring an alert and rested facial appearance.


The cucumber, health buddy

In popular medical tradition and herbal medicine, cucumbers are used for their vermifuge properties (especially the seeds), to reduce phlegm, against gout, to fight cellulitis, and to mitigate the consequences of solar erythema. These are all part of a broad range of properties that include both the direct application of cucumbers on the body as well as the consumption of cucumber juice.


Cucumbers to help you sleep better

Rich in water, cucumbers can be the right nutritional choice to help support the physiological balance that helps us fall asleep easily. Let’s explore the reasons why:

• From a nutritional point of view, cucumbers are almost entirely fat-free and contain only 12 calories per 100 grams
They have numerous beneficial properties, thanks to the high quantity of mineral salts and vitamins contained in them
• They are especially high in Vitamin C, which is excellent for the proper functioning of the immune system, and Vitamin K, which is beneficial to bone health
• They’re a source of potassium, phosphorus and the amino acid called tryptophane (a substance that stimulates the production of serotonin, the so-called “happiness hormone”)

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