Couple massage: communication, relax and complicity

Couple massage: communication, relax and complicity

Stressed, hastily, absent-minded, worried… if the frantic rhythms of everyday’s life are alienating for everybody; what my happen to the couple?

Seeing couples “bursting” after years of silent and though ceaseless moving away  is almost a narrative topoz. “I will be coming after the news …” Renzo Arbore sang, hinting at the situation of a marriage that has reached the stage of boredom, where the husband spends his evenings at the TV, taking time before going to bed. The bed and the mattress are the very litmus test that measures the temperature of love: from a privileged place for the couple communication, a temple of pampering and complicity, they end up becoming nothing but a place to sooth your weariness. How to stop the drift? How to recover that quality of communication that lays at the basis of every happy couple?

Here are some suggestions:

The environment

  • The environment is essential: the lights should be dimmed, letting the room be lit by nothing but a bedside lamp
  • No phone or cellphone: for somebody it might be a difficult, but – trust us – it works!
  • Closing your eyes is not sufficient to facilitate relax, why not switching some music on? No dancing music or percussions. Strings, piano, or the so-called meditation music can embrace and cradle even the most stressed ones
  • The best place where to experiment a good relaxing massage is the bed, the temple of rest, the theatre of sleep but – in this case – a cradle of complicity

The couple massage

  • Start one in front of the other and let the hands dialogue, go to a mental state of welcoming and – hands in hands – start a conversation of senses
  • Then move to the area that catalyzes all the tensions: the neck; in this area, you need to massage slowly and gently, until your partner lets him/herself go
  • Act so that the massage becomes full contact: caress the back, the arms, the feet
  • The skin-to-skin contact generates very strong physical reactions, which induce a state of extraordinary well-being


  • Breathing is a wave that starts from the abdomen, raises up from the diaphragm and inflates the thorax: listen to your breathing and to your partner’s one, trying not to force its rhythm


  • The voice is not only a vehicle of words; it is something physical: by vocalizing you can massage
  • Vocalizing on the nape, on the hands, on the neck is a beautiful way to lead your partner to a sweet world of relax; you do not need to pronounce words, you just have to use your voice


Well, if – during all this – your mattress starts squeaking…. So much for relax!

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