Children who never sleep… The solution? Natural!

Children who never sleep… The solution? Natural!

Does your child have a hard time falling asleep? Does he wake up in the middle of the night and doesn’t sleep anymore? It is a common situation, but don’t despair – it takes very little to solve everything and get back to sleep. Let’s discover together some “sweet” remedies.


A relaxing bath with essential oils. Also for you!

The hot bath never disappoints! It is one of the most effective remedies to promote relaxation and sleep. The ideal is to do it just before bedtime, so as to enter the ideal condition for rest. Just a few drops of essential oils with a relaxing action – lavender, mandarin, orange oil – are enough to create a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

Be careful though: oils should never be administered in direct contact with the skin! Reading the instructions is essential, as is asking your pharmacist for directions.

Children often react to adult stress by becoming agitated. Stress produces a hormonal response that affects others (including toddlers) and puts them on high alert. The solution? Simple, quick, and pleasant: a good shower!


It creates a laid back, relaxation-proof atmosphere!

A relaxed environment is good for children’s sleep. Try eliminating noise, interference from technology, creating a dim atmosphere in the bedroom and, if that’s not enough, try a fragrance diffuser, which is ideal for nighttime relaxation. Lime is considered an excellent sleep aid.

Important: once the sleep state has been reached, any light, even soft sources, must be turned off because the glow that filters through the eyelids can indicate to the brain that it’s not nighttime, hindering a full rest.


The power of relaxing herbal tea

How many times have you heard of herbal tea as the ideal way to get your baby to rest? Well, it’s not hearsay: it’s all true. Try to offer him/her an infusion based on passion-flower and lemon balm and you will see the result! Buy the essences directly from your trusted herbalist and do not rely on sugary products that, by increasing blood glucose levels, induce a state of excitement.

It doesn’t take much to get your children to sleep. Magniflex mattresses will take care of the rest! 😉

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