Cervical arthritis and pillows: how to sleep better

Cervical arthritis and pillows: how to sleep better


Cervical arthritis is a very annoying type of pain involving the cervical vertebrae between the head and the thoracic spine. A characteristic of this type of disorder is, without doubt, the onset of pain in the back of the neck, with discomfort radiating to the shoulders and arms, making even the most basic movements difficult.

If we wake up in the morning with these pains, we usually blame the pillow, the mattress, or our unhealthy posture during the night. But are they really to blame?


Pillows and their purpose

There is no pillow that is suitable for all cases of cervical pain. This is because not all people have the same spine conformation. A cervical pillow, first of all, helps to maintain a correct alignment between the spine and the vertebrae of the neck during the night, thus eliminating any friction between the vertebrae and the pain that follows.

When buying a good pillow, you need to look for a product that will ensure the proper position for the head and neck. There are various types of pillows available on the market. Some of the most commonly used include:

1. The Rectangular Pillow, by far the most popular. It has the advantage of not creating particular problems, regardless of the type of posture you assume at night.
2. The Pillow with a central groove, ideal for those who sleep lying down and facing upward, but less suitable if you sleep on your side or your stomach.
3. The Pillow with a double asymmetrical wave, versatile thanks to the two waves of different heights, which allow you to choose the direction of the pillow, depending on the conformation of the neck and the position you normally sleep in.


Why use the cervical pillow?

Unfortunately, a sedentary job and inappropriate posture cause unnatural compression of the vertebrae, resulting in pain and difficulty in movement.

An adequate pillow can relax the muscles of the neck, relieving all the discomfort related to cervical pain, such as headaches and nausea. A formidable cure-all that needs to be tried first hand for it to be truly appreciated.

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