Celery’s revenge

Celery’s revenge

Ever since Medical Medium Anthony William started talking about it as a powerful remedy, celery has come to enjoy an unprecedented as well as unexpected popularity. Truth be told, however, SlowSleep had already sung the praises of this vegetable back in 2014, listing it among the foods of eros, although nowadays it is popular for other reasons as well.


Who is the Medical Medium Anthony William?

Anthony William continues to grow in popularity; he’s a medium who purportedly “receives” insights of medical nature from a voice that speaks to him describing symptoms and remedies. Several celebrities are among his followers. A. William considers celery juice to be a true cure-all and recommends its daily consumption. Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide is his most famous publication about celery juice.


Katie Mythen-Lynch’s testimony

Among the thousands of stories of people who have decided to follow William’s system, one of the testimonies we recommend reading is that of news reporter Katie Mythen-Lynch who, though initially skeptic, claims that she instantly benefited, in just a few days, from the “celery diet”, with improvements in the tone of her skin and the quality of her sleep.


The benefits of celery

In Italy, the Fondazione Veronesi [Veronesi Foundation], named after the renowned oncologist who at one time also served as the Italian Minister of Health, writes a veritable endorsement for celery: “Celery is rich in fibers that help reduce the presence of triglycerides and cholesterol in the bloodstream. Sedanin, a stimulating aromatic substance contained in celery and other molecules (phenol, mannite, inositol) boost the effect that this vegetable has in terms of increasing the digestive and gas absorption capabilities of the human digestive system. Whereas the phthalides it contains, special phyto-nutrients, help to control the hormones that regulate blood pressure and make it indicated in the treatment of several types of hypertension”. Flavonoids, potassium, vitamins C and K make celery an excellent food for nutrition, although one to be consumed after consulting a doctor if you are taking medication (vitamin K in particular may have negative interactions with some medicinal products), or if a food intolerance is suspected.


Celery juice according to Anthony William’s indications

If doctors and nutritionists normally recommend eating celery whole, in order to also ingest its fibers, William’s recipe involves about half a liter of celery juice (in liquid form only, therefore) every day, drinking the juice in the morning on an empty stomach. To squeeze out the juice, thoroughly rinse the celery sticks and then run them through an orange squeezer or grind them in a blender. In the case of chronic diseases, the Medical Medium suggests upping the daily dose to 90 cl of juice.
In other words, unless you suffer from particular health issues (or suspect that you may), a nice glass of celery juice in the morning is an experience to try, perhaps after having spent a night enjoying the sensational comfort Made in Magniflex!

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