Can’t sleep? Try some essential oils

Can’t sleep? Try some essential oils

Have you ever spent the whole night just staring at the ceiling, not being able to fall asleep? It happens sometimes, especially when you are under a lot of stress. There are several natural remedies that can help you fall asleep better and we’ve already looked at some of them here on SlowSleep… and no, we’re not referring to counting sheep.

A tidy, well-kept room is no doubt a better place to sleep in than a messy and disorganized room with a whole bunch of objects piled up here and there. Harmony in the bedroom is therefore one of the key factors to consider. It’s the room in which we spend most of our time, but it takes more than just cleaning it to ensure its tidiness and comfort. That’s where essential oils come into play, with their flavored scents to permeate the environment and to apply on the pillows of your bed or on your wrists.

Which essential oils are helpful to fall asleep? Here’s a brief list:

  • Lavender: lavender has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. It relieves anxiety and irritability. Quite helpful to fall asleep, it can be either ingested in the form of an infusion or sprayed on the pillow, so that you can breathe in its fragrance before falling asleep. Lavender is a delicate substance, which is why it is also used in hyperactive children who have trouble falling asleep at night.
  • Roman Chamomile: the soothing essential oil par excellence. It is especially helpful for “restless souls”, who tend to go to sleep at night full of anger and negative thoughts.
  • Marjoram: this essential oil has a relaxing and quieting effect. It is especially effective to people who suffer from anxiety and for whom susceptibility and insecurity are unfortunately a part of everyday life. Marjoram is very helpful to people who suffer from so-called “initial” insomnia, or trouble falling asleep in the first few hours
  • Mandarin: Above all, mandarin is used to cure random bouts of sleeplessness. It has a fresh and light scent that produces a remarkable sense of tranquility, even when we are feeling particularly on edge.
  • Jasmine: jasmine is a natural tranquilizer that has a vaguely fruity scent. It is used to alleviate stress and nervous tensions and it calms mood swings related to premenstrual syndrome.

Well, what are you waiting for? Try these essential oils and enjoy…scented sweet dreams!

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