A safe and sustainable energy system for everyone

A safe and sustainable energy system for everyone

At the dawn of the third millennium access to cheap, reliable, and sustainable sources of energy remains an illusion for much of the world’s population. In 2019, the UN estimated that one-third of the planet’s inhabitants still use inefficient and dangerous cooking methods such as wood and coal. In the same year, nearly 800 million people did not have access to electricity and globally, the share of energy derived from renewable sources was 25.4% for electricity, 9.2% for gas heating, and only 3.4% for transportation.

It therefore is no surprise that the United Nations have included this aspect among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the SDG program to be achieved by the end of 2030. The aim of Goal 7 is precisely to ensure a reliable, secure, and environmentally sustainable energy system accessible to everyone.

But what does that mean in practical terms? Let’s keep in mind that currently one in five people do not have access to the power grid, with all the consequences this shortage produces. In other words, this translates into no heating, no lighting, no access to the internet and no access to the means for their development. To be able to say that we have decent living conditions, we should be able to guarantee everyone at least 0.5 kWh per day.

Magniflex is tirelessly committed to observing the criteria established by the SDGs, the ambitious program implemented by the UN to safeguard our planet. Observing these principles should be more than just a nice concept. For this reason, Magniflex has decided to actively contribute to the cause by utilizing renewable energy to supply power to its manufacturing plants, thus making it possible to achieve sizeable energy savings at its various production centers.

Our solar power plant produces roughly 370 thousand kWh from renewable energy sources per year on average. The energy obtained is partly self-consumed and partly fed into the grid. The part used for the Company’s own consumption covers about 30% of our energy needs, so we can say that 30% of the total electricity consumed comes from renewable sources. Therefore, not only does the program aim to reduce operating costs but, especially, to put clean energy into circulation.

Genuine care for the environment is at the heart of any self-respecting corporate philosophy. That’s why Magniflex wants to make its contribution to saving the planet by joining the Sustainable Development Goals, and one of the goals of the program is to ensure that everyone has access to sustainable energy.

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