5 tips to sweat less at night

5 tips to sweat less at night

Night sweats: causes

Why do we sweat at night?  There are basically 3 causes.

The first reason why we sweat while we sleep is the presence of non-breathable mattresses, sheets, pillows or blankets.  In this case, the humidity that accumulates in the normal physiological process of sleeping “gets caught” and “sticky” to the body.

We can also sweat due to an air pressure and humidity.  In fact, this condition hinders sweat evaporation and thus makes the skin drip.

The third reason why we can excessively sweat at night is due to hyperhidrosis which is a pathology.  If we keep sweating even when we have changed the bed linen and replaced it with breathable fabrics, and sweat perspiration continues to persist even during nights of atmospheric dryness, then we might need to consult a doctor or contact a specialist from the International Hyperhidrosis Society.


What should we do if we excessively sweat at night? 

  1. As already said, the first step is to choose bed mattresses, pillows, mattress covers and linen (including pajamas) made of breathable fabrics. Breathable fabrics are both natural, like linen and cotton, and technical, like Outlast® or materials produced with  Airyform manufacturing process.
  2. Drinking alcohol before sleeping almost certainly means sweating excessively. In this case, before going to bed, it is advised to take a walk.
  3. Stress is a condition that generates sweat, the levels of cortisol and adrenaline soar while sweat glands are greatly stimulated. A shower, practicing yoga, or some positive thought can help decrease the “rhythm” of tension and consequently sweating.
  4. Room temperature and ventilation are pivotal elements to help sweat less at night. A ventilated room, with a temperature a little bit lower than the rest of the house, helps maintain body thermo-regulation.

There are even some natural remedies, like sage, which when taken in infusions or drops reduces the perspiration at the detriment of sweating.


Well, having said that, we can only wish you to enjoy… your cool nights!!!

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