5 stress-free relaxation techniques

5 stress-free relaxation techniques

Stress is one of the plagues of our time and learning to control our mind and body to fight or limit is almost a matter of survival. With that in mind, let’s go over some of the most effective anti-stress techniques.

1 Walking in the woods (Forest Bathing)
Venturing through the woods is a powerful relaxation technique underestimated by the most but it is absolutely effective. Turn your smartphone off, put on a pair of comfortable shoes and you’re off to the green!
After a few minutes, the mind stops working in the stress mode, the pressure drops, the lungs breathe in fresh air, our muscle tension loosens, physical movement dissipates toxins, and the three-dimensional concert created by the buzzing of insects and birds chirping and the rustling of the leaves stimulates the auditory system, which “transmits” stimuli of deep relaxation to the brain. Last but not least, the fact that our sense of smell returns to savor real aromas rich in life.

2 Abdominal breathing
In situations of tension, we are never quite able to breathe properly, it’s difficult to “let go” and for this reason, we tend to symbolically “hold” in our breath. Putting a hand on the chest, which must always remain blocked, slowly filling the belly with air and exhaling with the same calm helps to lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Even 2 minutes of this technique can produce great benefits.

3 The Jacobson Method
This method helps us to become aware of any muscle tension and promotes a sense of calmness without the slightest psychological induction. Through a series of progressive contractions and de-contractions of all the various parts of the body, the Jacobson method induces a deep physical relaxation that naturally spreads to the brain.

4 Humming
Humming means singing with your mouth closed. The word comes from the sound “Hum”, typical of those who vocalize without articulating any comprehensible words. Humming for a few minutes, even when performing activities such as driving or working on the computer, leads the mind to dispel unnecessary thoughts. The internal vibrations that propagate through the bones of the skull massage the brain and promote an inner cleansing process.

5 Hugs
Hugs not only give pleasure but also produce great benefits to our health. The level of oxytocin (the famous happiness hormone) increases, our blood pressure decreases, the heart rate drops, and the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) drops. But that’s not all: hugging improves communication and strengthens our bonds of friendship. Even embracing oneself, caressing one’s shoulders a bit, can help to control stress.

And then, of course, sleeping on a Magniflex mattress, which permanently gets rid of any stress 😉

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