2023 trends for furnishing the bedroom

2023 trends for furnishing the bedroom

It’s time to see in what direction 2023 is heading in terms of furniture choices, particularly when it comes to the bedroom. The mood would seem to dictate simplicity, but certain touches can bring life and originality to the bedroom.

Furniture trends for this year

Firstly, let’s talk about the colors: with clear references to the natural world, shades of green, ochre, terracotta, as well as orange and blue are likely to be much in vogue. Nature also enters the bedroom in the form of accessories such as vases or flowerpots.

The choice of materials will also connect with nature from an eco-friendly perspective. So you can count on rattan, wood, linen, cotton, wicker and natural raw material in general. Art Deco is also back in vogue: a beautiful wallpaper, to be applied even just on the wall behind the bed, will give that extra touch with its botanical, geometric or animal patterns.

All-round shapes

The quest for rounded shapes (so-called Bold trend) will continue, able to give sinuosity to furniture, mirrors, carpets. There will be no shortage of beds with a rounded bed frame and matching headboard: the best choice for enjoying a relaxing rest while sinking into softness. Speaking of softness, poufs, small sofas, or possibly upholstered chairs are likely to be in style in 2023.

The bedroom is a key space in the home: it should be cozy and harmonious, but also pleasant and functional to live in and inhabit. It is the place where one day ends and another begins; it cannot be treated trivially. If this is the year you will design or reinvent your bedroom, don’t forget our tips and create the perfect environment in which to place your bed, perhaps with a nice Magniflex mattress!

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